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January 21, 2011
The Quit Rollercoaster
September 26, 2011

It’s Only As Hard As You Make It

Craves are not inherently hard to deal with.

If you’re a smoker in a situation where you can’t smoke (for example, a long business meeting, an airplane trip, or a stay in the hospital) and you get a crave, what happens to that crave when you don’t feed it?

That’s right; it goes away. All by itself. It’s not hard to deal with; you don’t have to fight it, you don’t have to try to resist the temptation. You just accept that you can’t feed the crave right now, and it goes away.

No big deal.

So why do craves seem to be so much harder to deal with once we’ve quit?

Because we expect them to be hard to deal with once we’ve quit. We expect to have to fight them, to resist the temptation to feed them. And our expectations become our reality.

It’s our resistance that makes them hard to deal with: if you don’t resist the craves, it gets a lot easier.