January 19, 2011

Quit Without Gaining Weight

If you don’t want to gain weight when you quit, you might want to start planning now how to avoid doing that. Here’s one method that […]
January 12, 2011

Practice Being Free

Back in the 60s, there was a psychologist who was curious if mental practice (aka “visualization”) could improve physical skills in the real world, and he […]
January 11, 2011

Three Step Process For Dealing With Craves

First, accept that having cravings is a normal part of recovery, and understand that, as long as you don’t feed them, they’ll get weaker and occur […]
January 6, 2011


Shunryu Suzuki Roshi once said that if we can “accept each of our experiences as if recognizing the face we see in a mirror as our […]