September 24, 2013

There is no try.

Quit or don’t quit. There’s no middle ground. When you say you’re “trying” to quit, what you’re really saying is you’re not committed; you’re leaving yourself […]
September 26, 2011

The Quit Rollercoaster

The early days of a quit can be an emotional rollercoaster; great big peaks followed by deep, dark valleys, followed by more peaks and valleys. But […]
January 23, 2011

It’s Only As Hard As You Make It

Craves are not inherently hard to deal with. If you’re a smoker in a situation where you can’t smoke (for example, a long business meeting, an […]
January 8, 2011

Imagination Versus Will Power

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Imagination is also stronger than will power: When people “fall off” of their diet, it […]